Anabolic Steroids: History, Production And Usage

People have been clamoring for a magic pill that could boost their strength since time immemorial. Anabolic steroids are the closest that we’ve come to it. These drugs are known to drastically increase muscle mass and improve strength. The change doesn’t happen overnight but in a matter of weeks which is still quite impressive. Bodybuilders are among the most avoid consumers as these accelerate their physical development. Buyers must be aware of the risks before they start their cycle.

A Brief History

Doctors were already studying the effects on strength of testicle extracts since the late 1800s. However, it wasn’t until the 1930s that steroids were actually isolated. European chemists were successful in isolating small samples of the male hormone androstenone from large quantities of urine. This was then synthesized in the lab allowing for mass production. The focus then shifted to testosterone which was deemed to have greater potency. Its isolation and synthesis was such a great achievement that the scientists behind the studies were offered the Nobel Prize. Clinical trials began soon after.

In the 1940s, testosterone’s ability to build muscle was aggressively studied by the USSR, East Germany, and others in this bloc. They used the steroids to improve the athletic performance of their athletes in the Olympics games. The US responded by developing their own anabolic steroid that can match the results of their competitors while reducing androgenic side effects. The result of this is methandrostenolone, more popularly known as Dianabol which is still widely used today. Several others followed from its footsteps. Aside from bodybuilding, the drugs are also utilized in the treatment of various ailments.

Production and Usage

Most anabolic steroids are produced by pharmaceutical laboratories where high standards are adhered to. Their products are the best ones to purchase if the need for these drugs arises. Some underground laboratories also produce them and the results are not always optimal. Check the source before purchasing your supply to avoid fakes and unwanted side effects. Educate yourself with the law as well because these are banned or controlled in many countries. Be sure to comply with the laws where you live to avoid legal issues.

Use these only as indicated on the label. Be very careful not to exceed the recommended dosage as these can drastically affect the hormone balance in your system. Men are known to develop feminine characteristics such as breasts and a high pitched voice. They experience accelerated male pattern baldness because of the increase of testosterone in their body. Women who use it excessively can develop masculine qualities such as hair growth in areas where there were little to none like the top of the lips and the chest. Periods can also be affected.