Common Forms Of Anabolic Steroids

Anabolic steroids come in many different forms and these affect how they are administered. People tend to be partial to one and not the others for their own reasons. Let’s look at some of the most common ones below:

Oral Pills

This is probably one of the most convenient ways to take them into the system. Each pill contains several milligrams of the active ingredient. Individuals can ingest a few of these until they reach their prescribed dosage. It’s just like taking most medications and this familiarity makes it the preferred choice for many. They are readily available and there are no skills required to take them unlike other forms. Just place them in your mouth, drink a glass of water, and swallow. The steroids will slowly make their way into the blood stream. It is often advised to take these after a meal to avoid an upset stomach. High doses can be detrimental to the liver.


Many swear that this is a more effective way to get the benefits out of the drugs. Medical steroids may be administered in this manner to control hormone levels. The frequency varies widely as some require it more than others. The clinician will usually inject testosterone into the muscles and not the vein. This allows the drug to work more slowly and avoid a massive spike in the bloodstream. There are many risks in this procedure so it is best left to experienced professionals. For instance, blood clots may develop which can be quite dangerous depending on where they form.


Anabolic steroids may also be found in creams and gels. These are meant for topical application. They can be applied on the skin where they will gradually be absorbed into the bloodstream. These creams are used to reduce skin inflammation and treat a number of skin conditions. Eczema is a good example. This is a condition where the skin gets red, itchy, blistered and swollen. The problem with topical application is the poor absorption rate. Some people can only manage to absorb 10% of the active ingredient. Creams are also expensive. Those who are involved in physical activities perspire and bathe a lot so this is not suitable for them.

Skin Patches

This can be used as an alternative to gels. The patches are formulated to deliver steady doses over time. Doctors may prescribe them to patients who complain of pain from muscle spasms. They may be placed on the neck, the shoulders, or other areas where discomfort is being felt. Patches differ in their effective duration. Some can last for 24 hours before requiring replacement. Check with your doctor regarding the best brands for your exact condition and follow the directions given.