Intro To Anabolic Steroids Abuse

Anabolic steroids are man-made substances, generally acquired from testosterone. It helps with muscle enhancement and making stronger bones. The synthetic compound shouldn’t be administered sans a prescription. Doctors, at times, prescribe these compounds to treat muscle deficiency induced by specific diseases, and also for treating late puberty. The steroids are supposedly abused when a person obtains the substance non-prescribed and takes high doses of the same. At times viewed in athletics, the steroids could be used for illegally gaining an unfair edge over others. But, the abuse of anabolic steroids could negatively hurt user physiology and psychology, and may also result in death.

People generally abuse steroids to enhance their athletic capabilities. Steroid misuse lets an individual, especially a bodybuilder, gain more muscles and get rid of body fat. Steroids could be illegally used in professional sports by quite a few athletes, as the synthetic medicine helps with recovery after an injury. Along with athletic performance usage, an individual could misuse anabolic steroids if he feels inferior about his body.

Abusing these steroids can lead to a plethora of health issues. Steroid usage interferes with natural hormone production, with male abusers turning susceptible to testicle shrinkage. Steroid overuse induces insufficient sperm production and sterility. The sperm count regains normalcy only after six months of not using steroids. Male users are also likely to suffer from breast growth and scalp hair loss.

Females abusing steroids could develop permanent masculine characteristics. These could comprise body and facial hair growth, a deeper voice and balding. Also, female abusers could see a reduction in the size of their breasts and lesser menstrual periods.

Youth and teens misusing steroids could run into specific risks also. Bones could continue growing even after the individual has crossed his normal physical growth age. However, with steroid abuse, youngsters may stall this process and the bones could stop growing prematurely.

Women and men of all ages could be prone to development of liver cancer, liver cysts, and also blood clotting if they continuously abuse anabolic steroids. Additional health concerns entail hypertension, which could result in strokes and heart attacks. Steroid abusers sharing needles could develop fatal viral infections, such as hepatitis B and HIV. Anabolic steroid abuse could alter an individual’s behavior, making him get moodier and more aggressive. When the person tries quitting steroid usage, agitation, fatigue and depression are quite likely the aftermath.

This is why treating steroid abusers requires good amount of patience and a planned approach. Support therapy is often the first step in the direction. When under treatment, the individual is closely monitored to see if there are any suicidal attempts made by the person. At times, refraining from steroid usage can mentally and physically affect an individual. In such cases, the individual would require medication or hospitalization.